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A true understanding of current and future trends requires you to be present around the globe, but it is cost intensive to maintain a presence in every important region of the world. Budget restrictions often limit the global reach of universities, labs and R&D companies. Unfortunately, this can also put a ceiling on their ambitions and achievements.

g:read help you solve this problem. We know the global (public and private) research and development (R&D) markets, systems and industry first hand. We can map out the trends, deepen your collaborative relationships, and realize individual projects on your behalf. We’ll even help you establish local offices – in more remote up-and-coming markets or in the world’s knowledge and high-tech hubs. And we are experienced in R&D diplomacy.

g:read – the network of highly experienced consultants – provides you with visibility and engagement on a global scale.

Our headquarters are in Berlin; our consultants live and work around the world. These are experienced professionals in the fields of higher education, public founded research, R&D and management – including scientists, university administrators, research managers and others with corporate backgrounds. You benefit from trusted, experienced professionals on the ground who can handle whatever needs to be done.


You decide – our level of service depends on your specific requirements.

  • Mapping landscapes: We conduct research on trends in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, economics and humanities. We screen funding and philanthropic opportunities and markets for both public research institutions and private R&D entities. We enable a strategy.
  • Project management: We are your partner on the ground when it comes to realizing individual projects, such as collaborative research, conferences or technology marketing campaigns. We open doors.
  • Office business: As a next step, we’ll help you get truly immersed in higher education or R&D markets by establishing and running your office anywhere in the world. Whether it’s New York, Beijing or Tel Aviv, we’ll establish the presence you need – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Global challenges such as climate change,  sustainable energy supply, food security and migration do not stop at national borders. No country can answer these challenges by itself. Solutions can only emerge through transborder cooperation in education, science and research … Global innovation and production processes are involving more and more countries and industrial sectors.”

The Federal Government’s Strategy for the Internationalization of Education, Science and Research of Germany
Berlin 2017

Dr. Markus Lemmens

g:read founder & consultant Berlin, Germany
Area of expertise: Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

Dr. Markus Lemmens has worked for over 25 years in Berlin, Vienna, London and New York – first as a publisher and then as CEO and co-owner of Lemmens GmbH Education, Science, Technology and KBHF GmbH at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He brings additional expertise as a consultant and trainer in the fields of higher education management, science, research and technology. Since 2000 Markus has expanded his activity as a university lecturer and research consultant for startup ventures in education, science and the humanities. In 2017/18 he focused on two new services: Edutron, an algorithm-based matching tool for higher and continuous education, and Atlantik Trading, dedicated to helping scientists and researchers commercialize their work. Lemmens has served as North America representative for several European universities in New York (2014–2018). His university degrees are in political science and law.

Dr. Sabine Jung

g:read consultant Berlin, Germany
Area of expertise: (international) higher education, strategy development and philanthropy

After obtaining her doctorate (summa cum laude) in political science from the University of Mannheim, Sabine worked as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group (2002–2006). In 2006, she joined the prestigious Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation), where she served as Managing Director of the Studienkolleg zu Berlin, an exchange program for young European leaders. She continued her career at the German Scholars Organization, which she led as Executive Director from 2010 to 2016. She is a highly experienced manager and recognized expert in the fields of (international) higher education, strategy development and philanthropy. In 2016, she founded Professional Philanthropy, a Berlin-based consultancy which offers specialized services for non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Sabine has published several books and articles and completed a professional qualification program as a Business Coach (ICI).

Dr. Stephanie Christmann-Budian

g:read consultant Berlin, Germany & Beijing, China
Area of expertise: China

Dr. Christmann-Budian studied China Sciences in Berlin, Paris and Beijing. She obtained her PhD degree from the Free University Berlin, her research addressing the topic of Chinese Science and Technology Policies in the context of global strategies for development. Her work experience in Beijing spans more than a decade. After positions at the DAAD Beijing and the Goethe Institut Berlin between 1997-2001, the DFG sent her again to China in order to assist with the establishment of the first joint Sino German funding organization, the Sino German Centre for Research Promotion, together with the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In following positions at DFG Bonn and China she functioned as project leader, fulfilling tasks in the fields of policy analysis, evaluation, infrastructure and funding program management. In 2012 she joined the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI as China representative and senior scientist at the CAS-IPM Innovation Research Center in Beijing. Currently, Stephanie Christmann-Budian holds a research and consultancy position at the Institute for Innovation and Technology in Berlin, again implementing projects in the context of international science management and research.

Ariel Davis

g:read consultant Tel Aviv, Israel
Area of expertise: technology transfer, corporate funding, growth strategies

A native of the United States, Ariel Davis has lived in Israel since 2006, where he represents foreign individuals and funds looking to invest in Israel. As an expert in the Israeli investment scene, Ariel offers assistance young Israeli companies and organizations to develop their growth strategies, and has developed a platform to bring together foreign parties with Israeli partners in order to facilitate business growth in Israel. Ariel has developed strategic partnerships with Israeli universities and their technology transfer arms, as well as a number of companies across Israel looking to expand into new markets. Ariel has a BA and an MA from Yeshiva University in New York, and a law degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Ariel was decorated as his battalion’s exemplary soldier during his service in the Israel Defense Forces.

Dr. Martin Grabert

g:read consultant Canberra, Australia
Area of expertise: research, development and international research collaboration, European Universities

Dr. Martin Grabert has over 25 years’ experience in research management, particularly in the area of international research collaboration in Europe and Australia/Pacific. Before moving to Australia in 2010, Martin worked for 20 years in Brussels. He was the inaugural Director of KoWi (Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen). This is the gateway of the German research organisations to Europe. Later he was the Director of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), an intergovernmental research networking program of 36 Member States in all domains of research. In Australia, Martin was the Director, International and Business Relations at the Group of Eight (Go8) Ltd in Canberra. Since moving to Australia, Martin has established the consulting firm Montroix Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s prime consultancy in research, development and international research collaboration. Prior to his international engagements, he led the research unit in the central administration of the Technical University Berlin, Germany. He has a PhD in aeronautical engineering and holds a PPL.

Anna Jahn

g:read consultant Ottawa, Canada
Area of expertise: linking, international academic institutions and public sectors

Based in Ottawa since 2009, Anna Jahn has an extensive international network in academic institutions and the public sector. In her current role as the Director of Membership and Partnerships for the Public Policy Forum in Canada, she works with all sectors to foster inclusive dialogue and improve policy outcomes. She brings a breadth of experience from the higher education sector. At the University of Ottawa, she held a leadership role at the Centre on Public Management and Policy and was a part of the marketing and communications team of the Faculty of Social Science. Before moving to Canada, Anna was a Program Manager at The European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany. Her university degrees and research in social anthropology, sociology and african studies brought her to Freie Universität Berlin, Stanford University, Aix-Marseille Université and Benin, West Africa. She is fluent in English, French and German.

Dr. Julia Stamm

g:read consultant Berlin, Germany & Brussels, Belgium
Area of expertise: science, policy and leadership

Dr. Julia Stamm has over ten years of leadership and management experience in national and international academic institutions and international organisations. In 2016, Julia founded SCIENCE LEADS, a consultancy based in Berlin and Brussels, providing specialised advice in the areas of science, policy and leadership. Having spent most of her professional life in Brussels, Julia is particularly familiar with EU research affairs and European science policy contexts. Among others, Julia held senior positions at COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) and the European Commission. Julia holds a Ph.D. in Political Sociology and an Executive Master of Public Management. She is an experienced academic lecturer and regular speaker at national and international conferences.

Dr. Iris Wieczorek

g:read consultant Tokyo, Japan
Area of expertise: academic and scientific systems in Europe and Japan

Dr. Iris Wieczorek studied Japanese and Chinese Studies, as well as Computer Science, and holds a doctoral degree from the University of Hamburg. She has over 25 years of Japan experience and a broad knowledge about the academic and scientific systems in Europe and Japan. In 2000, she joined the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies in Hamburg as researcher, where she has been working on comparative assessment of the Japanese innovation system. She has profound expertise in science management and many years of practical experience. Amongst others, she acted as Founding Director of the Japan Office of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Tokyo from 2008 until 2012. Subsequently, she founded IRIS Science Management Inc., a Tokyo-based consulting firm specializing in research management, policy advice and support for global cooperation in science and research. She retains a research position with the GIGA and is representing the Leibniz Association in Japan. Her work is based on a broad and trustable network in the scientific(political) communities in Japan and Europe.

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